Atlanta’s first choice for representation for construction related cases.

The expert attorneys at Roberts Law, LLC represent owners who are victims of negligent construction work, including: damages by contractors, delays, defective, and unfinished work.

Roberts Law, LLC in Atlanta protects every party in the process, from the point of contract to post-construction, specifically focusing on the following areas:

Mechanic Liens

(also called materialmen liens, construction liens, and builders’ liens)

Breach of Contract

Any time a binding agreement, whether minor or material, is broken and/or not honored.

Building Contracts

  • Construction of property
  • Improvement of property
  • Supplying materials for construction
  • Supply services and labor for construction

Construction and Post-Construction Claims

  • Delay and Impact Claims
  • Subcontractor Issues
  • Material Escalation
  • Construction Defects
  • Construction Damages


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