Peoples was America's first Black-owned brewery

Milwaukee is and has always been America's beer capital, so perhaps it makes perfect sense that the country's first African American brewery was born here. Theodore Mack Sr. was a former Pabst employee with a dream to launch America's first Black brewery. A man of action, Mack assembled a group of investors under the United Black Enterprises banner with the hopes of purchasing the Blatz brand from Pabst in 1969 after the federal government forced its sale.

More People In Jail Than High School Teachers And Engineers

America has become a gigantic gulag over the past few decades and most of its citizens don’t know, or just don’t care. One of the primary causes of the over incarceration in the U.S. is the absurd, tragic failure that is the “war on drugs”, and indeed nearly half of the folks in prison are there for drug related offenses.

How Washington and Lincoln explain inequality today

George Washington, our first president, and Abraham Lincoln, our 16th, are the twin icons of that office. Their portraits are side by side in our wallets, in our change purses and on classroom walls during Presidents’ Day observances. Yet they represent different visions of an American economic order, differences that persist to this day.