What Do I Know About Corrupt Cops?

BosleyYears ago, members of my extended family were gangsters connected with the Genovese crime family. They had the ability, which they used, to place people in favored positions within the New York City Police Department. I know this, because my father was offered one of those slots.

Race Is A Matter Of Life And Violent Death

On June 11 β€” one day before the World Cup started β€” two policemen picked up three black teenagers in Rio de Janeiro. The three hadn't committed any crime β€” but they did have a history of petty offenses. The officers drove them up to the wooded hills above the city. One was shot in the head and killed. One was shot in the leg and the back and left for dead. Another escaped.

An Economist's Inequality Ideas Are All the Rage

A specter is haunting Europe and the U.S.β€”the specter of plutocracy. In Britain, Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has suggested the moment has arrived to consider a wealth tax. In France, which already has one, plans to ease its bite were recently canceled. Even in the more timid precincts of Washington, you cannot swing a V for Vendetta mask without hitting a think tank panel on inequality. Everyone, it seems, is worried we are shortly headed for a world in which a handful of rich people will own everything, and the rest are forced to rent their air and water from Mark Zuckerberg.