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Helping Those In Need Of:

The lawyers at Roberts Law, LLC help those who have suffered from:

01 Real Estate: Wrongful Foreclosures, Title Actions, Loan Modification, Boundary Disputes, Landlord/ Tenant Litigation

02 Construction Law: Material and Mechanic Liens, Breach of Contract, Building Contracts, Construction Liens, Construction Claims

03 Personal Injury: Slip and Fall Injuries, Premises Liability and Auto Accidents

04 Corporate Law: Negotiating contracts, Forming Corporations, Designations

05Consumer Law: Wrongful Repossession Litigation and Debt Settlement; Personal Property Foreclosure Defense; Wrongful garnishment or attachment Litigation ; Fair Debt Consumer Practices Act,(FDCPA); Student Loan Litigation; Access to Utility Services; Truth in Lending; Fair Credit Reporting Litigation; Unfair Mortgage Lending Litigation, Consumer Banking and Payments Law Litigation, Credit Discrimination Litigation; Unfair Collection Litigation; Consumer Arbitration; Unfair and Deceptive Practices; Automobile Fraud, Consumer Warranty Law Litigation; Consumer Class Actions;

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