Oure knowledgeable attorneys have years of experience in real estate law.

Atlanta firm Roberts Law, LLC looks after the interests of landlords, tenants, lenders, borrowers, neighbors, and other parties involved. Roberts Law, LLC specifically focuses on the following real estate cases:

Title Actions

Roberts Law, LLC acts to make certain there is no dispute in particular property ownership.

Loan Modifications

Roberts Law, LLC ensures loan modifications, which are permanent changes in the terms of a loan, reinstate the loan at an affordable cost.

Litigations Between Landlords and Tenant

It is essential that both parties understand their rights in order to avoid liability. Roberts Law, LLC
specializes in:

  • Dispossessory Actions
  • Evictions
  • Rent Agreements and Leases
  • Repairs and Maintenance

Boundary Disputes

  • Encroachment
  • Improvements
  • Roadway or Trails
  • Incompatible Uses

Wrongful Foreclosures

The state of Georgia has strict laws and guidelines in foreclosures and Roberts Law, LLC are experts in guaranteeing all properties are handled correctly for lenders and borrowers.

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